By your side, on your side

We are Fello, traveller first business travel

We make every aspect of business travel as smooth and stress-free as possible, so you don’t have to worry.

We understand that the traveller is the most valuable asset of any company, that's why we work hard to provide a better kind of journey.

We're by your side every step of the way, guaranteeing an exceptional experience each and every time you travel.

If the traveller is happy, everyone is happy -

The travel manager

The company

The traveller’s family too

Your committed team

Our people are what makes us different. Empathetic problem solvers who have years of experience and by nature, will go above and beyond to help our customers out. 

Fello travellers

As fellow travellers, we’ve been in your shoes and we're all too aware of the pressures of business travel. We're not only by your side, we're on your side. That means we work with you to develop travel programmes that are right for you and deliver the best business outcomes. It's all about the detail – and we're dedicated to the detail.

A personalised service

We're always on hand to help. Really – we're here 24/7. Backed up by the best partners and technology out there so we can give you the best travel options and the best experience possible.

The Fello Team

We put the traveller and their experience first. How? Our team of ruthlessly efficient Fello travel consultants and account managers have years of experience and our company has been operating for more than 20 years'. We know what we're doing and we're serious about it. Serious about efficient, effective business travel management centred around experience and value for money.

A little history of Fello

Born out of the merger of two companies, Sandy Row Travel and World Club Travel, both founded and owned by Danny, we merged and launched under the name Fello in February 2018. Bringing the totally traveller focussed ethos of World Club Travel together with the professional managed travel services of Sandy Row Travel has fulfilled our passion to create something new for business travel. A travel management company that’s puts the traveller at the heart of everything we do so that the travel manager can achieve compliance and ultimately deliver success for their company.

Finalist for Best Travel Management Company (Less than £50m UK annual sales)

One to Watch in the BBT Hot List 2019! 

Natalie Payne voted
Operations Manager of the year

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