Happy Business Travellers Found Here
Happy Business Travellers Found Here

Business travel you can look forward to

We are a premium quality, ruthlessly efficient Travel Management Company who puts the business traveller first in everything we do.

On your side...
by your side

Fello is a premium business travel service that focuses on creating experiences that the traveller will value, and which leaves them feeling that their employer values them. This is delivered by...

A ruthlessly efficient approach to travel management
A commitment to understand individual company needs
Never being more than a phone call away from sorting any problems a traveller or travel manager may encounter

If the traveller is happy, everyone is happy ⎯

the travel manager
the company
the traveller’s family too

Traveller first
business travel

We believe the traveller is the most important part of the business travel process. We know business travel is rarely joyful, more often it is an endurance exercise in damage limitation. There is much to go wrong in getting the journey right without it dampening the glow of business success.

Sometimes it feels like the experiences on offer are determined more by a company’s desire for standardisation and the deals that have been done. We understand that the traveller is the most valuable asset the company has, so should be put first.

Your best chance of business travel success

Once a customer, always a customer

We give our sophisticated customers the very best service, however they want it. And once we start working with someone, we want to make them a customer forever.

We walk in our customers’ shoes

Our team are Fello travellers and Fello Travel Managers, walking in our customers’ shoes, sitting in their seat and drawing on our own years of experience managing travel programmes.

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